CLAMMING IT UPFrench Stewart, who plays zany alien Harry Solomon on NBC's hit 3rd Rock from the Sun, has landed his first national advertising campaign. "It's a damn dream come true," says Stewart of his role as pitchman for Clamato tomato cocktail (which he touts as "proud to be 99 percent clam-free"). "I'm ridiculous, the product is ridiculous; it's a match made in heaven." With 3rd Rock now rolling out its third season, Stewart, 33, sees no need to alter his goofball image. "I plan to ride the idiot train for a while," he says. "I used to play serious parts in the theater, but after this I just have a hunch that's pretty much gone bye-bye."

THE FAIRER SEXNow that Star Trek: Voyager has embarked on its fourth season, there's one frontier Kate Mulgrew's Captain Janeway doesn't plan to explore. "There's no sex," says Mulgrew, 42. "I mean, I'm the captain." Well, that never stopped Captain Kirk. "I'm not going to do it when there are 165 people whose lives I have to protect," explains Mulgrew. "There's no time to jump into the sack. Plus, I don't want girls to see Captain Janeway drop her knickers." But in a strike for cosmic sisterhood, Janeway will attempt to bond with a female Borg. "It's my mission to humanize her," says Mulgrew. "Isn't it just like a woman to try and save someone?"

CURL TALKFamously coiffed Jennifer Aniston, whose hit NBC sitcom Friends returns for its fourth season starting Sept. 25, can identify with her hairbrained fans. "When I was in high school, I tried to copy Valerie Bertinelli's hairdo from One Day at a Time," recalls Aniston, 28. Moncler Jackets Outlet "It was a disaster. I would spend each night desperately wrapping my bangs in pink curlers from my Barbie play set. I'd take out the curlers in the morning, brush my bangs back, and the hair would slide back into what looked like two little sausages." Now Aniston is setting the styles for her fans, who, she admits, can sometimes be a little too friendly. "Just the other day I was mobbed in the sauna at my gym," says Aniston. "There I am buck-naked, taking in a little steam, and these women come up and say, 'Are you Jennifer?' I'm like, 'Yep. All of me. Every bit.' "


ASSAULT ON THE SENSESMichael J. Fox had a close encounter of the teenybopper kind when he embarked on a two-week cross-country road trip Moncler Outlet this summer with his son Sam, 8, plus a friend and his two children. "One of his kids was a 9-year-old girl, who's a terrific kid, but it was all Hanson, all the time, all the way across the country," says Fox, 36. "When the kids would go to sleep, I'd say, 'Okay, my time,' put on the Foo Fighters and take the night shift." Fox's luck wasn't much better back on the job. A promo for Spin City, his ABC series returning for a second season on Sept. 24, cast him and costar Michael Boatman in a spoof of the popular Volkswagen TV commercial featuring "Da Da Da," a 1982 tune by the German band Trio. "That song officially drove me nuts for about a week," says Fox. "I had to listen to Falco, something equally repugnant, just to blow it out of my head.